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The Virtual Studio

“The Virtual Studio” uses the latest technologies so that Charles Michel can record you electronically from your home via phone anywhere in the U.S.A. Then the recordings, sometimes an hour or more long in length, are easily and immediately transmitted back to your computer so that you can listen and learn from the recorded results. The recordings include all of your performances and all of Charles Michel’s coaching and tips.

Note: Today’s VO artist needs to be an independent, self sufficient performer who can produce professional results at home using their own computer! Working in The “Virtual Studio” helps you prepare for the industry’s new realities (OPP0RTUNITIES!)


In addition to training the voices of hundreds of people, Charles Michel has been an actor, singer, character voice performer and voice-over announcer.
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Kristen Barlock

Charles Michel’s teaching technique is unique, fun, interactive, and informative. He is not the kind of teacher who teaches because he can’t do; rather, he himself truly knows his craft, having experienced success as both an actor and voiceover artist. There is no doubt he will take you to another level in your voiceover performance.

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Make 'em laugh!

Week of Apr 1, 2011

Most people work hard at never appearing foolish. They avoid being “too” animated, energized, opinionated, eccentric, etc. From the onset of puberty when teenage peer pressure compels people to be “cool” and fit in, most folks live in dire fear of being laughed at, which is probably the largest obstacle in getting the winning voice… Because it blocks free exspression. Intellectually, you probably already know that if “they” laugh at you, you will not suddenly drop dead. However, you need to start to believe this at an emotional level as well. Laughter is not life threatening! So, the quickest way to get over the fear of others laughing at you is to make sure that they do!

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